Fuel behaviour: Non-stoichiometry and the fuel-water interface

WP4 Fuel behaviour: non-stoichiometry and the fuel-water interface – led by Ian Farnan, University of Cambridge

The aim of this work package is to build an understanding of how accident tolerant fuels will react in aqueous environments. Projects within this theme include:

  • Understanding non-stoichiometry, inhomogeneity and durability in U-Si and U-N systems and its effect on fuel properties
  • Ab initio random structure searching to improve fabrication routes for U3Si2 and UN fuels
  • The Accident Tolerant Fuel-Water interface; the corrosion of U3Si2 and UN in radiolytic conditions
  • Improving the corrosion resistance of accident tolerant fission fuels
  • Modelling of water-fuel interfaces and non-stoichiometry